Committee News

We currently have 7 dedicated members on the team. On behalf of RTG, I would like to sincerely thank all committee members for their hard work and dedication in making sure that RTG is in great shape and runs smoothly and efficiently. We are pleased to welcome Shelagh Gough to the committee with her fresh energy and new ideas. We are very grateful to Ann Vodden for continuing providing us with our CPD certificates.

Our Committee always welcomes contributions from new members on how to make our membership more enjoyable. We would very much welcome those who would like to join us, whether students or qualified therapists. As a committee member, you will have an opportunity to communicate with interesting speakers and leading therapeutic organisations. You will also participate in making decisions about the present and the future of RTG. We meet several times a year on Tuesday evenings, 7.30 - 9.30pm. CPD certificates for this work are provided. Additional time spent on RTG related work can also be counted towards your CPD. Please check with your professional organisation how that should be recorded. You can talk or email one of the committee members if you are interested in joining us.

As a committee, we are very enthusiastic about finding new and interesting speakers. Please contact any committee member with your ideas on topics of interest or speakers that you would like to see included in any of our forthcoming programmes.

Current Management Committee 

  • Katrina Likhtman (Chair)
  • Jo Marsh (Treasurer)
  • Kim Parish (Deputy Chair, Secretary(Minutes))
  • Catherine Winchester (Mailings, Notices and Data Analyst)
  • Carola Percival
  • Shelagh Gough
  • Peter Weston (IT Support)

Supporting Members 

  • Ann Vodden (CPD certificates)