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8 June Being Driven Mad: Towards Understanding Borderline and Other Disturbed States of Mind Through the Use of the Counter-Transference
Marcus Evans
12 October When Cultures Clash Invisibly
Sushila Dhall
9 November Rhythm and Blues: How the Development of an Attuned Rhythm can Mitigate Depression and Anxiety in Both Mother and Baby
Jane Eustace
Half-day Workshop Saturday
20 November
Understanding & Recognising Sex and Porn Addiction
Justin Marsh
14 December 10 Things You Didn't Know About Freud
Alistair Ross

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Being Driven Mad: Towards Understanding Borderline and Other Disturbed States of Mind Through the Use of the Counter-Transference

Presented by Marcus Evans
Tuesday, 8th June 2021 8pm to 9.30pm

Synopsis:“A strong transference produces a strong countertransference reaction. When patients have ‘borderline’ features, certain aspects of their psychopathology will inevitably be re-enacted with mental health professionals. When working in psychiatric teams, we find that different parts of the patient are projected into different parts of the team, and splitting abounds.
These communications often take the form of concrete communications that fill their recipients with feelings – feelings that either provoke concrete reactions in return, or make professionals feel they cannot think clearly about the patient.
These states of mind tend to reduce our capacity to think in a symbolic way about the meaning of the patient’s behaviour. This means that therapists and patients can get into an unhelpful cycle of action and reaction that prevents learning from experience.
This link provides an article by Marcus which gives useful reading for this seminar.

Biography: Marcus Evans is a psychoanalyst and was a consultant adult psychotherapist at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust with 40 years’ experience in mental health originally training as a psychiatric nurse. After qualifying as a psychotherapist at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust, he took up a post as head of the nursing discipline (a post he occupied between 1998-2018). Marcus was also Associate Clinical Director of the adult & adolescent departments between 2011 & 2015. He has written and taught extensively and is the author of ‘Making Room for Madness in Mental Health: the psychoanalytic understanding of psychotic communications’ published by Karnac in Tavistock series. His second Book “Psychoanalytic Thinking in Mental Health Settings is due to be published with Routledge in November and is writing a third Book with Sue Evans Transition: A therapeutic model for working with gender dysphoria due to be published in the new year by Phoenix.

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